National Trust Plans Eco Castles


National Trust

The United Kingdom is one of the most historical places in the world with many historical sites and buildings of significance that were built throughout its vast history in the country. The National Trust for Place of Historic or Natural Beauty popularly known as just the National Trust is a conservation organization in the United Kingdom which owns and maintains many of the historical properties in Wales, England and Northern Ireland. This is an organization that was established in the late 19th century and its current president is H.R.H. Charles, The Prince of Wales. The main aim of this organization is to protect the historical sites like castles, manors, historical buildings, gardens and many such other structures of historical relevance and beauty.

Being Eco Friendly

Organizations, companies and individuals all over the world today are becoming aware of the need to become more eco friendly, conserve energy and not harm the environment. As responsible citizens of this world it is our duty to do whatever we can to meet this goal. This awareness of being more eco friendly has come about in the last few decades as we are seeing the disastrous consequences of our environment and climate due to irresponsible human activity. In the previous centuries environmental protection was not an important issue as it was not as badly affected as it has been in the last century or so.

The National Trust has also taken up this initiative and given a green signal to the project to make the castles in United Kingdom more Eco friendly. Being eco friendly helps save our planet for the future generations and it will give the future generations a chance to live in a better environment and explore the historical structures and beauty.


Eco Castles

When the castles were built many centuries ago they were not designed to be very eco friendly. However the National Trust plans to spend around 3.5 million Pounds initially to make the castle eco castles or environmentally friendly castles. The charity is looking to make this a long term project and the current duration of the project being fixed at 5 years. It may invest a lot more money after the success of the first venture. There are various steps that they have planned to make the properties more eco friendly. For example Biomass Boilers, Hydropower technology and heat pumps are to be installed at 5 National Trust properties.

Another worry economically speaking for the National Trust is that the energy costs to maintain these properties are rising every year. Also mostly these properties are using non renewable sources of energy which are costly in the long run and also harmful to the environment. By using more renewable sources of energy and becoming more eco friendly the National Trust plans to reduce the energy costs as well as become more eco friendly. It is a great decision as the costs reduce. Also it reduces the dependency on non renewable sources of energy which pollute the environment. This makes it more eco friendly.

This is a long term project as many historical structures and gardens are maintained by the National Trust. If they can reduce the dependency of these buildings on fossil fuels and take more steps to become eco friendly in many different ways it will contribute to a great extent towards making the country of United Kingdom more eco friendly. It will also inspire people and tourists visiting these places and spread the awareness towards the need of being more eco friendly. It is a great initiative by the National Trust.

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