Wind Turbine – Unlocking Urban Power

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines, Wind Farms, and the Potential

The United States accounts for over 61,000 Mw of wind power generated annually through large wind farms, second only to China in the adoption and use of this green wind turbine technology. According to multiple research agencies including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy, the United States has a potential to generate nine times its current power consumption and could supply over 20% of its power through wind power. Industrial power generation notwithstanding, New York-based advanced wind turbine solutions firm Kohilo Wind has developed a turnkey micro-turbine system that enables portable residential power generation.

Wind Turbine – Unlocking Urban Power Generation

The secret to the Kohilo — the Hawaiian term for ‘gentle breeze’—solution lies in a patented vertical axis wind turbine blade that is unique in its design in being able to generate significantly greater power in urban or semi-urban environments. Invented by mechanical engineer Derek Grassman, this Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) harnesses wind power across a 124-mph range from wind speeds as low as 3 mph. The breakthrough in portable wind harnessing technology came from the design of a compact, lightweight, easily assembled

wind turbine

that may be deployed in standalone or array form to generate the energy required to power lights, fans, security systems and other active and passive peripherals.

Wind Turbine 1

Portability and Return on Investment

One of the significant and traditional challenges to portable wind power generation has been the high cost-to-output ratio of conventional VWAT systems, further hampered by the lack of scalability and low efficiency. Urban and semi-urban areas present low-turbulence wind systems that do not aid power generation. The Kohilo turbine uses patented advancements in wind turbine construction to create a floating a magnetic bearing that minimizes friction and a noiseless iron-free axial flux generator to maximize output. The turbine blade profile uses scientific attack angles as well as carefully measured drag and lift in order to generate power for over 80% of its active life, creating and ecology friendly solution that generates quicker returns on investment. The portability of the system allows for its installation on rooftops, grain silos and even trailers. The company looks to expand to micro-generation solutions that can power handheld devices.

Today, the conversation about domestic clean energy solutions takes center stage at a local and global level as portable home-based power generation systems such as solar and wind turbine power harness efficiency of scale to contribute meaningfully to decrease humankind’s adverse impact on local ecology while making green technology affordable to use.

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