Hus-1 is a tiny eco friendly home for a couple

Designed by Scandinavian architect and carpenter Torsten Ottesjö, the Hus-1 is a tiny little home that could well change the face of future housing. With a decrease in land resources available, it can be well anticipated that in the future houses won’t usually look like mansions as they do today. On the other hand, future homes could well be smallish dwellings that are green inside and out.

The Hus-1 shows a working prototype of what the house of the future might look like. Designed as a structure that could reflect the surrounding environment, while conserving energy, the Hus-1 offers an affordable living space which doesn’t have much negative environmental impact. With a living area of just 25 square meters, the Hus-1 manages to provide enough space for two people will still some room remaining for that odd guest. The dwelling comprises of a small kitchen, dining area, living room, sleeping quarters and an outdoor terrace. The only thing missing here is the bathroom.

Constructed primarily from wooden materials, the surface layer has been kept untreated or is pigmented with linseed oil. The designer assures that despite the building’s light weight, it is quite stable due to the reinforced board framework and even load distribution. Though the design is quite impressive, it still remains to be seen how the occupants of this house will live sans a bathroom.

Via: Gizmag

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