Artist uses old jeans for art that shines blue

From creating shorts to creating wonderfully warm insulation, your old pair of jeans has a lot of value left to it. However, like always we usually adopt the easiest way and just throw the pair of jeans we’ve been wearing for a long time. Netherton-born artist Ian Berry knew it very well that instead of just throwing old jeans in the bin, it can be somehow reused to create something new and unique.

Now living in Sweden, the artist left his full time job in the advertising industry and planned to make a living by creating art, a move which not many of his fellows appreciated at that time. Fast forward a few years and a few low moments in Ian’s life and today we have him as one of the finest artists in the world with a unique collection of art Ian calls the Denimu.

Denimu, as the name suggests, is artwork created entirely from recycled denim. Denimu is so popular that the Ian’s shows that take place in Sweden and US are mostly selling out. Being simple is the key to Ian’s artwork which are created using an old pair of jeans, a pair of scissors and some glue to hold all those denim cuttings on the canvas. As you can see in the pictures, the artwork is incredibly detailed and without touching the actual piece, not many would know about the raw materials used.

During his five years of working with the material, Ian has also managed to fill up seven closets with discarded jeans, which should serve as the raw materials for the next range of Denimu for years to come.

Via: Oddity Central

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