BITLE temporary shelter comes with solar powered goodness

Conventionally photovoltaic panels used around the world were actually fixed plates laden with solar cells that could be mounted on your home’s rooftop or on a stretch of land to produce renewable solar energy. However, advancements in solar panel technology gave birth to flexible sheets of solar cells that can be installed anywhere. These thin-film sheets were adopted with open arms by manufacturers and product designers, who recognizing the need of renewable energy generation, equipped a variety of products with energy generating capabilities.

The BITLE by industrial designer Diego Alatorre, is one such product which aims to keep your outdoor life completely powered up with solar energy. BITLE is actually a temporary shelter which you can carry along on your next camping trip and leave all conventional energy generating systems at home. The shelter’s canopy is laden with 1.9 square meter of Sanyo’s photovoltaic flexible cells that can be oriented in the direction of the sun for maximum energy output.

The solar cells dispense charge through integrated AA battery chargers, capable of charging your entire gadget gear in a sustainable fashion. The designer claims that BITLE can generate up to 360Wh of clean electric power each day, which is more than sufficient to charge you cell phone 30 times over, or 14 iPods. If you are planning a camp party, the BITLE won’t let you down there as well, as the shelter can play music for up to 10 hours.

Cheers! Diego Alatorre

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