London’s Blackfriars station to be powered by 4400 solar panels

In an effort to green the city before the commencement of 2012 London Olympics, a lot of eco friendly proposals are being incorporated. One such proposal is the greening of the Blackfriars station with the inclusion of the world’s largest solar powered bridge. The Victorian-era Blackfriars Bridge will be sporting a massive solar array consisting of 4400 solar panels.

Though the sun isn’t a familiar thing in this English city, the developers of the project, Solar Century, still believe that the installation will help Network Rail save tens of thousands of pounds annually. Moreover, the installation will be able to produce about 900,000KWh of electricity annually, which is about half of the stations annual energy need.

The solar bridge is part of a much bigger modernization program of the station. Network Rail commented that the project is designed to provide more space for passengers and long, more frequent trains. Apart from generating half of the station’s energy needs, the solar installation will also be saving 500 tons of CO2.


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