Mini/Parks gives urban dwellers the much needed green space

Unlike people living in the rural world, urban dwellers don’t have much access to greenery, for which they strive for. While the urban world does have some of the best parks and gardens, the pace of life in these areas doesn’t allow residents to spend some peaceful time close to nature. Architects Greg Broerman and Obinna Elechi have teamed up to bring greenery right in the heart of a busy city with something they call the Mini/Parks.

The Mini/Parks, according to the creators, imagines urban street furniture as a series of modular island environments where people can relax while waiting for their next bus. The project helps in the creation of a more interactive way of engaging with the surroundings. The Mini/Parks is small modules with varied height to allow people to sit in different positions. Apart from offering some greenery to people living in busy metropolitan cities, the Mini/Parks concept aims to also contribute to the green movement by mitigating storm water runoff in a small amount.

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