Vactrain: Air propelled train zips faster than commercial jets, sans emissions

While some of the fastest trains currently operational mostly target the 500kph mark, a future thinking company, ET3, is expecting to build a train that zips at a speed of about 4000mph, which is much better than the speed of a commercial aircraft and it will do that without emitting even a single ounce of carbon dioxide on the way.

The technology is based on the use of vacuum operated tubes with a cylindrical train within the tube. The train rides in the tube while forming an airtight seal around the cars. Once all the air in the tube is sucked out, the Vactrain will be propelled forward solely by the pressure of air behind it.

It might sound like a dream, but the company behind the design is confident that we could have a train that zips from New York to London in just one hour in the next decade. The capsule running inside the vacuum tube will weigh only 183kg and can carry about six people at nerve-wracking speeds. Because of the principles used for transportation, the train will require far less material than conventional high speed trains and hence will cost just 10 percent of the cost of a high speed rail.

The ET3 can also provide 50 times more transportation per kWh than other electric cars or trains. The company is so confident about the technology that they have already sold 60 licenses for a six passenger version of the evacuated tube transport, while the potential for speed and passenger capacity is definitely much higher.

Via: Dvice

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