Designer creates unique ‘Cultural Chair’ from recycled newspapers

For most of us newspapers are just for reading the news a few minutes each morning. The next day is newspaper is either found in the trash bin or still lurking somewhere on your breakfast table. Considering the fact that newspapers are made only after a few trees have been cut, they do deserve a life of more than a few minutes.

There are certain eco conscious minds who are always on the hunt to find some recycled raw materials to make something creative and unique and newspapers do make a perfect fit for a lot of endeavors. Industrial designer Seung Han Lee, who is greatly impressed with the cultural different between the eastern and the western world, has created the Cultural Chair – an eco friendly home furniture item that combines the best of both worlds.

The chair is made using a material created by mixing recycled newspapers and rice glue. Like you can see in the images below, the chair is made by attaching a few boomerang-style pieces that have been created using the newspaper and rice mixture. You can well imagine that the size of the chair can be altered simply by adding or removing the blocks. The end result is a colorful chair that can grace both your indoors and your garden too.

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