Triad Energy makes energy monitoring transparent and easy to regulate

The race to energy conservation is highly dependent on the regulation of consumption of energy at home, where we spend a lot of time. The collection of appliances and electronics that we have at home, consume a lot of energy. Add to that the energy we spend on lighting the interiors to give our home a bright look. Conservation begins at home, and to conserve energy home owners over the world are in need of a system that is both transparent in statistics and easy to operate.

The Triad Energy concept has been born to answer the problems home owners face while regulating the consumption of energy at home. The device features a touch sensitive wall unit that is coupled with a web account. The device features a collection of data points, which have been created for a variety of uses. The first data point is the “target usage” point, using which the user is able to manually set the targeted energy consumption for a nominated period of time. The second data point shows the household’s current energy consumption in real time. The third data point shows the “social usage” where the user is able to track the consumption of energy in other households that are using the same system.

Checking the amount of energy consumed by other homeowners encourages everybody to follow the same trend to save energy and hence a few bucks. Further, the web account linked with the device provides detailed historical information about the user’s energy achievements and progress, so you will always know which appliance is consuming the most amount of energy and can make intelligent decisions to regulate consumption.

Via: James Dyson Award

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