CO2ngress Towers aim to filter air in Chicago and produce biofuel

According to statistics about 77,000 conventionally fueled vehicles go past the Congress Parkway interchange in Chicago and pollute the ambient air with toxic gases such as carbon dioxide. In an attempt to reduce the level of CO2 in the air, architects Danny Mui and Benjamin Sahagun are proposing a new pair of towers to be built on the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago.

The architects are proposing to split the Congress Gateway Towers and embed a system of carbon scrubbers and various air filtration devices into them. The towers could then filter ambient air by capturing carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. The absorbed carbon dioxide is then fed to algae that too are grown in the building. The algae not only produces oxygen but could also be used in the processing of biofuels, which can then be supplied to the building’s residents to power their eco friendly cars.

Splitting at the bottom to make way for cars below, the towers converge at the top to create a unique gateway to the city. The two towers are joined by a sky bridge that includes a public restaurant. Apart from reducing ambient pollution, the sustainable development also features a double-skin façade that helps in reducing traffic noise. To reduce the energy consumed by the towers, the architects have designed the towers in such a way so as to maximize natural ventilation and lighting.

Via: Evolo

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