Modular Infopoint to juice up portable electronics with renewable energy

The recent advancements in solar panel technology has made it possible for industrial designers to think about concepts that integrated flexible, thin film sheets of photovoltaic cells to generate clean energy that can be used in various fashions. A team of designers including Ekaterina Shchetina, Desislava Ivanova and Tsuyoshi Sogabe, has come up with a concept information system for public use that harvests clean solar power.

Dubbed as Infopoint, the modular system consists of two modules – the first one carrying a fully touchscreen interface that can display a variety of information and the second one being a cross-shaped bench module. Both modules are embedded with thin-film photovoltaic panels that generate renewable energy not only to run the touchscreen display but also power a set of USB charging ports and LED lamps.

The touchscreen monitor provides information about the city and helps people find out the best places to visit. On the other hand, the USB charging ports provide users a sustainable way to recharge their portable electronic devices such as cellphones and laptop computers. The system has been designed for the Expo 2015 that will be held in Milan, Italy. Moreover, the trendy design of the Infopoint will make it an attraction in the urban landscape and can become a place for meeting, connecting and relaxing for both the natives and the tourists.

Source: Design Libero via Inhabitat

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