Luxury hotel in China is made using 35 recycled shipping containers

The perception that most people have of a luxury five-star hotel is of pretty buildings with large rooms and amenities that you won’t normally find in your home. A Beijing based design firm is about to change the perception by building a luxury hotel that is made entirely of recycled shipping containers. The reason for the choice of materials is obvious as 3.2 million shipping containers are imported into China each year and once they degrade they are made to enter junkyards to gather rust.

The Tonghe Shanzi Landscape Design Company in China has come up with the Xiang Xiang Pray House that has been created in the Chinese city of China. With a surface area of 5000sqm, the hotel features 21 guestrooms. Fitted with traditional Chinese decorations, the boutique hotel incorporates a multitude of eco friendly features.

Since the boutique hotel is made using shipping containers, it took the designers only three months to design and building the hotel. With an environmentally friendly water painted exterior, the shipping container hotel is due to open early next month.



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