Voltaic Solaire unveils NYC’s first self-powered building

The large buildings in the urban world that we all appreciate a lot are the major consumers of electricity as well. Right from the energy that goes into air conditioning to the chunk that goes into lighting the ambience, the overall energy consumption is too large. In a bit to save the environment by saving on energy consumption, green developer Voltaic Solaire, will soon be unveiling the first building in the New York City, that will be powered entirely by self-generated electricity.

Dubbed Delta, the building has been built in cooperation with IKEA, Samsung, Sharp and some other partners and combines the goodness of solar energy and wind energy to meet all its energy needs. Apart from generating renewable energy to produce electricity, the building also generates its own hot water and heat from renewable sources. Fulfilling the promise of the city’s Mayor to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030, the building also shows the world what renewable energy can achieve.

The building is equipped with the latest in solar panel technology in the form of a solar skin, solar awnings and solar panels that collectively generate about 10.3kW of power. Additionally, the roof of the building is fitted with a vertical axis wind turbine that generates 600w of power.

Via: Voltaic Solaire/Inhabitat


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