The Wibit Sports Park 60 is all you need to play on the waves

Playing on the waves has much more to it than just riding the water on a surfboard. For those who want to own a water park that offers everything from a curved ridge to a cliff, the Wibit Sports Park 60 is just perfect. The product, is just like an entire playground on water, where you can race with your friends, climb up a tower and even play different water games.

The mini-waterpark, as the product is being referred to, is a massive inflatable structure that measures 130’ by 150’. The park can be inflated by using three electric pumps in three hours. The mini park is for everybody to play, with a capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 60 people of all ages, the Sports Park 60 consists of various obstacles and gaming areas that includes a bridge, cliff, high jump and long jump areas, a mini pond, a podium for the winners, trampoline, a swing for your kids and you too, a junction, deck, action tower, a ramp and a balance beam too.

Weighing about 4000lbs, the massive inflatable water park also comes with 18 safety buoys that create a high visibility perimeter for any location to make sure your playtime doesn’t get ugly.

Via: Uncrate 

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