ECOmove could end range anxiety with 500-mile range QBEAK

One of the major problems with electric cars available today is its low operating range and long charging time. Danish electric car manufacturer ECOmove is aiming to make EVs a lucrative option even for long distance traveling. The QBEAK, as the car is being dubbed, is a project between ECOmove, Insero E-Mobility and Serenergy and could well have an operating range of about 500 miles.

Currently the QBEAK can hit a top speed of 120kph when running on its two 70kw electric motors and has a pretty decent operating range of 180 miles. The funky little car is powered by a modular battery pack, allowing the use of one to six modules to power the vehicle. Each of these battery modules can hold up to 4.7kWh of electricity. The vehicle is made using lightweight but extremely strong components and features a composite chassis containing two aluminum sheets that are separated by a layer of ARPRO.

The lightweight materials not only improve the efficiency of the car but the use of ARPRO insulates the interior to conserve energy required for heating or cooling. The company is now planning to integrate a bio-methanol fuel cell to act as a range extender to propel the car’s range to up to 500 miles. Serenergy has developed a air-cooled fuel cell that can work under extreme temperature and offers high fuel flexibility and reliability.

Apart from enhanced range, the use of the fuel cell will allow the car to refuel in less than 3 minutes, similar to gasoline cars to today. The company also promises that the range-extended EV will be one of the most affordable EVs on the market, without compromising safety and reliability. The diminutively small car will be able to hold up to six people and is expected to go into production by the end of this year.

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