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Palacio de Sal: A hotel made using a million blocks of salt

The environmental impact of building materials such as concrete is debatable, however, with an ability to produce structures that stand for a long time, concrete will remain the first

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Ecological Park by ZA Architects is designed to exhibit nature

ZA Architects have conceptualized a unique Ecological Park for Ukraine that will allow visitors to come close to nature and experience all natural elements at one place. Spread over

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When Florida disappears – Floating architecture for a submerged world

We all know that global warming is real and the day is not far away when it will cause the polar icecaps to meltdown and will result in many low lying coastal areas to get submerged

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National Trust Plans Eco Castles

National Trust (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});

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The Solar Vineyard House to woo wine lovers in a sustainable manner

The Solar Vineyard House by Michael Jantzen is a conceptual proposal for a house designed especially for wine lovers in the temperate climate of California. The 5000 square foot structure

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Four-block Concept ‘The Tree of Life’ chosen for World Expo 2015, Milan

It isn’t unusual when innovative thinkers generally stay swamped with designing unique concept for wider future possibilities and advanced mechanism. While we have caught quite

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Bamboo houses provides safe and sustainable shelter during floods

Natural calamities, such as flooding, are a common phenomenon that affects millions of people worldwide, including South East Asia, and leave people homeless at the mercy of nature.

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BIQ House in Hamburg is the world’s first algae-powered building

Taking modern, sustainable architecture to the next level, International design firm Arup has come up with an algae-powered building called the “BIQ House” in Hamburg that integrates

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