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When Florida disappears – Floating architecture for a submerged world

floating island

We all know that global warming is real and the day is not far away when it will cause the polar icecaps to meltdown and will result in many low lying coastal areas to get submerged in seawater. The latest studies revealed that the meltdown of a small portion of glaciers around the world has already caused the sea level to go up a little bit and if this meltdown continues at the present rate, then many cities will have a very bleak future. (more…)

National Trust Plans Eco Castles


National Trust

The United Kingdom is one of the most historical places in the world with many historical sites and buildings of significance that were built throughout its vast history in the country. The National Trust for Place of Historic or Natural Beauty popularly known as just the National Trust is a conservation organization in the United Kingdom which owns and maintains many of the historical properties in Wales, England and Northern Ireland. This is an organization that was established in the late 19th century and its current president is H.R.H. Charles, The Prince of Wales. The main aim of this organization is to protect the historical sites like castles, manors, historical buildings, gardens and many such other structures of historical relevance and beauty.


The Solar Vineyard House to woo wine lovers in a sustainable manner

Solar Vineyard House_09

The Solar Vineyard House by Michael Jantzen is a conceptual proposal for a house designed especially for wine lovers in the temperate climate of California. The 5000 square foot structure incorporates a small wine making facility, and it would be built in the middle of its own private vineyard. The house would be partially powered by four large curved solar panels that are integrated into the south side of the structure. The house also incorporates natural ventilation and the interior is shaded with large overhangs that extend over all of the glass windows and doors.


Four-block Concept ‘The Tree of Life’ chosen for World Expo 2015, Milan


It isn’t unusual when innovative thinkers generally stay swamped with designing unique concept for wider future possibilities and advanced mechanism. While we have caught quite a lot of glimpses of interesting concepts, the one by Nemesi & Partners Srl, Proger SpA and BMS Progetti Srl thoroughly stands distinguished. As part of eco-friendly projects, the team led by Nemesi & Partners Srl, Proger SpA and BMS Progetti Srl has now designed a unique Four-block ‘The Tree of Life’ Concept – which is already chosen for an international competition for the design of the Padiglione Italia at Expo 2015.


Bamboo houses provides safe and sustainable shelter during floods

Bamboo houses by H&P Architects

Natural calamities, such as flooding, are a common phenomenon that affects millions of people worldwide, including South East Asia, and leave people homeless at the mercy of nature. Addressing the issue, Vietnam-based architectural firm by the name H&P Architects has come up with a sustainable housing solution that promises to provide shelter to the people who lose their homes due to devastating floods.


BIQ House in Hamburg is the world’s first algae-powered building

BIQ House

Taking modern, sustainable architecture to the next level, International design firm Arup has come up with an algae-powered building called the “BIQ House” in Hamburg that integrates a bio-adaptive algae facade to provide internal shading. Claimed to be the world’s first algae-powered building, the BIQ House will become a testing hub for self-sufficient living buildings and sustainable energy generation in urbanities.


The Leaf is a solar energy station for public places

The Leaf by Andrea S Villarreal

Drawing users towards sustainable energy, designer Andrea S Villarreal has come up with a solar energy station called the “Leaf” that provides a charging space to juice up small electronics in public places. Harnessing solar energy through photovoltaic panels incorporated in the roof/shade, sustainable also integrates a comfortable bench where users can sit and relax with their friends and family, while charging their portable gadgets.


The Home-Scape presents a prefabricated, modular building system

Home-Scape Building System_05

Designed by Michael Jantzen, the Home-Scape is a design study for a prefabricated, modular, building system, which can be increased or decreased in size, and the shape can be changed to accommodate changing needs. The material of choice for its construction is a lightweight pre-insulated concrete composite panel. The shapes of the structures are intended to create an organic landscape of buildings when they are clustered together. A few basic components can be joined together in many different ways to sculpt a great variety of forms.


Vietnam Pavilion combines old cultural values with sustainable architecture

Pavilion of dream terraces

Developed for Milano’s 2015 Expo, the Vietnam Pavilion by H&P Architects draws inspiration from the rice cultivation, which is an integral part of the wet rice civilization of Vietnam, on the terraces field. Amalgamating the agricultural values with modern architecture to construct a sustainably functioning space, the Vietnam Pavilion by the Chicago-based architectural firm makes use of steel structural frames, with a number of modules up to 7.5 m in length, attached by simple joins or overlapping.


Solar powered Entangled Pavilion explores the idea of ‘interactive architecture’

The Entangled Pavilion by Michael Jantzen_1

The Entangled Pavilion by eco-conscious architect and designer Michael Jantzen is one in a series of design studies that explore new ways in which architecture can be reinvented in order to become more responsive to the people who use it. This is a design study for a new kind of interactive architecture.


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