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Air Drop Concept filters the air using living plants

Oh yes, we’ve seen quite a number of aesthetically designed planters that beautify the surroundings in nothing else but a greener way. But, we have not really seen anything that

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Most interesting human powered electricity generators

Human power can be put to great uses and it can even save on the electrical energy that you utilize for running several household appliances. Are you thinking how would it get possible?

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Son-X Octavia solar powered device applauds kids who play on swings

Another entry into the already flooded market of solar powered gadgets is the Son-X Octavia. The device intends to make your kids play the old fashion way on swings, rather than playing

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Pingtuated Equilibripong table lets you dine green in ping pong style

Whenever it comes to home décor we usually find a multitude of designs for each and every furniture item to suit the taste buds of a variety of individuals. The Pingtuated Equilibripong

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Battery equipped portable solar charger is perfect for camping enthusiasts

Check any online electronics store and you will surely get a wide variety of solar chargers promising to charge everything to a cellphone to a laptop. Portable solar chargers have seen

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Office desk that makes the deskbound generate renewable energy

The race to generate renewable energy doesn’t just end on wind turbines and solar power. Inventors plan to make use of every possible energy source to create some useful watts. We

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Green Accessories for Smartphone and Tablets

Environment Conservation (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});

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Fashionable Eco Friendly Brands

Sustainable Living (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});

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