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5 zero emission rides powered by hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future as it is friendly to the environment, unlike other fuel sources that emit harmful gases into the atmosphere to add to global warming. Thus, this clean

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The Big Question: Will piezoelectricity ever become a viable source of electricity

  The ever increasing demand for power has made us look out for alternate forms of renewable energy like solar power, hydro-electric power, geo-thermal power and wind power etc.

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Flyer completes eco friendly Arctic voyage

The trained biologist and environmentalist Matevz Lenarcic is the first flyer and pilot to complete the eco friendly Arctic voyage. And the ultra light plane flew almost 4,000 kilometers

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Now, Samsung Galaxy S4 is environmentally friendly too

After the immense success of Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has come up with new Samsung Galaxy S4 as the latest Android phone in Galaxy S series. And this time, the

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re:char to help farmers enhance production while sustaining environment

In the recent past, we have witnessed some changes in climate that are not only affecting farmers but also the masses all over the world. Addressing the issue, a small company dubbed

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World’s first self-healing artificial leaf extracts energy from gray water

Developed by a team of researchers, led by Daniel G. Nocera, the “artificial leaf” is an innovative device that can produce energy from dirty water with the help of particularly

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Printed thermoelectric generators produce electricity via differences in temperature

Considering the fact that a large percentage of the energy generated by us go astray through waste heat, need for some highly efficient products or technologies has been felt more than

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World’s lightest material to help clean oil spills

While there is no dearth of materials that can claim to be among the world’s heaviest, the world’s lightest title was being held by aerogel for more than eighty years. The material,

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