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5 zero emission rides powered by hydrogen fuel cells

bmw car

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future as it is friendly to the environment, unlike other fuel sources that emit harmful gases into the atmosphere to add to global warming. Thus, this clean green source of power is being utilized in some upcoming vehicles that run on hydrogen fuel cells. Check out some of these hydrogen-powered, zero-emission rides being introduced in the auto market. (more…)

The Big Question: Will piezoelectricity ever become a viable source of electricity



The ever increasing demand for power has made us look out for alternate forms of renewable energy like solar power, hydro-electric power, geo-thermal power and wind power etc. One such renewable source of energy that has been gaining popularity over the past few years is the Piezoelectric Technology that generates power from the electromagnetic properties of some minerals found on earth. (more…)

Flyer completes eco friendly Arctic voyage


The trained biologist and environmentalist Matevz Lenarcic is the first flyer and pilot to complete the eco friendly Arctic voyage. And the ultra light plane flew almost 4,000 kilometers which no other light plane is capable of flying.  He had started his journey to North Pole on 22nd of April from Ljubljana for his GreenlightWorldFlight North Pole project. And has been flying from Europe to America and back all over to the North Pole in an ultra light plane. The environmentalist Slovenian Matevz Lenarcic then later landed at Ljubljana completing the month long trip. Earlier the journey was scheduled for a shorter duration but due to inexplicable reasons the journey was stretched for an additional 14 days. The biologist even explains his well wishers and the crowds that the trip was a lot more difficult and troublesome than he had expected but what matters the most is the ultra light plane landed safely.


Now, Samsung Galaxy S4 is environmentally friendly too


After the immense success of Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has come up with new Samsung Galaxy S4 as the latest Android phone in Galaxy S series. And this time, the new phone is environment friendly. Yes, you read it right. Now, Samsung Salaxy S4 is environment friendly too. Samsung Galaxy S4 along with all the bundled accessories has successfully passed the TCO certification. TCO certification is the certification for being an environment friendly product. So this means that now your Samsung Galaxy S4 is healthy device to use when we talk in reference with environment.


re:char to help farmers enhance production while sustaining environment

Biochar farming technique

In the recent past, we have witnessed some changes in climate that are not only affecting farmers but also the masses all over the world. Addressing the issue, a small company dubbed the” re:char” has developed an indigenous technology that will not only help small farmers grow more food but also help in dealing with some grave real word tribulations. The new high-tech practice makes use of biochar, a carbon-negative soil amendment made using an extreme heating practice called the “pyrolysis,” to grow up to 144% more food.


World’s first self-healing artificial leaf extracts energy from gray water

self-healing artificial leaf

Developed by a team of researchers, led by Daniel G. Nocera, the “artificial leaf” is an innovative device that can produce energy from dirty water with the help of particularly developed catalysts capable of healing themselves. Claimed to be the world’s first practical “artificial leaf,” the sustainable device is capable of producing energy from sunlight and water like real, natural leaves. Though, it doesn’t rely on photosynthesis, like its real counterparts, for producing energy.


Printed thermoelectric generators produce electricity via differences in temperature

Ungenutzte Energien ernten mit flächiger Thermoelektrik

Considering the fact that a large percentage of the energy generated by us go astray through waste heat, need for some highly efficient products or technologies has been felt more than ever before, so we could make the most out of the available energy. Though, we have thermoelectric materials that can produce electricity through differences in temperature, but the hefty price of thermoelectrics, like most of such influential technologies, make it a forbidden fruit for common users.


World’s lightest material to help clean oil spills

Graphene Aerogel_1

While there is no dearth of materials that can claim to be among the world’s heaviest, the world’s lightest title was being held by aerogel for more than eighty years. The material, which is also called “frozen smoke”, is 96 percent air and hence its weight is less. Last year researchers developed aerographite, which quickly jumped into the number one spot and one cubic centimeter of the stuff weighs just 0.2 milligram.


Bio-batteries to become a reality with energy generating bacteria

energy producing bacteria

Scientists over the world have for long tinkered with the idea of generating clean electricity with the help of bacteria, which the world knows can transfer electricity into metals and minerals. Taking forward the research, a team of scientists at the University of East Anglia has found that marine bacteria called Shewanella Oneidensis, have proteins that can produce an electric current by simply touching the mineral surface.


Researchers develop low-cost catalyst to produce hydrogen from water

affordable catalyst for producing hydrogen from water

While producing hydrogen by simply using solar energy and water seem to be the holy grail of clean energy, actually the process isn’t as simple as the one you might have tried out in your chemistry lab. Producing large quantities of hydrogen, while making use of minimum amount of electricity uses catalysts, which are usually, made using expensive and rare-earth metals, driving up the cost of hydrogen hence produced. As a solution, two chemistry professors from the University of Calgary have created a new method of water-splitting catalysts using abundant metals.


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