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Hus-1 is a tiny eco friendly home for a couple

Designed by Scandinavian architect and carpenter Torsten Ottesjö, the Hus-1 is a tiny little home that could well change the face of future housing. With a decrease in land resources

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Make Children’s Room More Eco Friendly

Home Design and Environmental Protection (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});

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Most environmentally friendly disaster relief shelters

Due to several kinds of global disasters, so many people get homeless. They keep on wandering for months without any sufficiently livable shelter. There are thousands of tsunami, hurricane and earthquake

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How to make bathrooms green

There was a time when being green meant you were some kind of live in a field hippy, not something that the everyday home owner got themselves involved in. Then it started to become

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Garden Shelter-Eco Bar is very unique

When an aesthetically designed structure gets amalgamated with irrigational facilities, all you get is a unique Garden Shelter-Eco Bar which focuses largely on maintaining green environment

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Mo Ventus by FIXd Architecture is a transformable, zero energy house for the future

With changing environmental conditions, architecture too will have to go through a major transformation to sustain humanity in a world where energy doesn’t come cheap. Working on

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Compact solar powered home offers a sustainable lifestyle for $250 per month

Back in 2009, Japanese student Netaro constructed a small solar powered home to fulfill his basic housing needs, which he calls “B-Life,” for $1,000. This compact house encouraged

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Isolee self-sufficient smart house incorporates the goodness of solar energy

With a scarcity of land available for building homes, along with the ever rising prices of energy and the emissions associated with its production, architects and designers have shifted

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