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Make Children’s Room More Eco Friendly


Home Design and Environmental Protection

When one decides on the interior decoration of the home, many rooms have to be designed according to the type of room, whether it is a kitchen, living room or a bedroom.  Also another important aspect is to consider is who is going to be using that room. For example an interior design of a children’s bedroom is usually different from a master bedroom.


Most environmentally friendly disaster relief shelters

The buBbLe House

Due to several kinds of global disasters, so many people get homeless. They keep on wandering for months without any sufficiently livable shelter. There are thousands of tsunami, hurricane and earthquake disaster victims who are just left stranded. There are very few who are lucky to get a temporary housing unit. But, most of the governments across the world have not been able to house displaced people as they were unprepared to deal with disasters.


How to make bathrooms green

eco friendly bathroom

There was a time when being green meant you were some kind of live in a field hippy, not something that the everyday home owner got themselves involved in. Then it started to become increasingly apparent that our world was suffering because of our actions on a global scale. Nowadays we are all aware and recycle our rubbish, install solar panels, buy natural or organic products when we can or just try to conserve what we one day may not have. This article only concentrates on making small changes to your bathroom to make it more green – and no I don’t mean giving it a lick of meadow tint pastel.


Garden Shelter-Eco Bar is very unique


When an aesthetically designed structure gets amalgamated with irrigational facilities, all you get is a unique Garden Shelter-Eco Bar which focuses largely on maintaining green environment without consuming too much of any space. Designed creatively to portray a blend of nature and usability, the garden shelter strives at transforming the way people interact with their gardens.


Mo Ventus by FIXd Architecture is a transformable, zero energy house for the future

Mo Ventus self-powered house of the future_1

With changing environmental conditions, architecture too will have to go through a major transformation to sustain humanity in a world where energy doesn’t come cheap. Working on the same lines architects from FIXd Architecture have come up with Mo Ventus – a conceptual luxury house with transformable shape and zero energy credentials that can be built anywhere in the world.


Compact solar powered home offers a sustainable lifestyle for $250 per month

Small solar powered home

Back in 2009, Japanese student Netaro constructed a small solar powered home to fulfill his basic housing needs, which he calls “B-Life,” for $1,000. This compact house encouraged him to build even more compact and economical solar powered homes, and he ended up with a mobile, self-sustainable home for just $130. After the devastating Tsunami in 2011, Netaro’s compact home attracted the attention and he came up with another portable solar powered home that is good enough to run a laptop, Internet, satellite TV and electricity for $250 per month only.


Isolee self-sufficient smart house incorporates the goodness of solar energy

Isolee solar powered smart house_1

With a scarcity of land available for building homes, along with the ever rising prices of energy and the emissions associated with its production, architects and designers have shifted their focus towards environmentally friendly houses, which can run off-the-grid or consume the least amount of conventional grid electricity. Working to design smart homes for eco conscious home owners of tomorrow, designer Frank Tjepkema of TJEP has come up with Isolee – a self sufficient small dwelling that combines smart technologies with an attention to detail.


Chinese couple transforms an abandoned bus into solar powered home

solar powered homemade RV

This solar powered home, built inside an abandoned bus, best illustrates the proverb – necessity is the mother of invention.  Offering shelter to a retired solider, surnamed Zhang, his wife who is suffering from cancer, and their nine-year-old daughter, the old bus is outfitted with solar panels to meet their energy needs in an eco friendly manner.


Cubile is a perfect housing unit for eco conscious nomads

Cubile solar powered mobile housing unit_1

Those who seek fun in the way they live and the products they own, need everything built on the same lines. Designed especially for people who live to change their living place around the world, without sacrificing on style and comforts, architect David Semrad has come up with Cubile – an environmentally-friendly housing unit that can be installed anywhere around the world and can even work independently for a few weeks.


Self-powered ZEM micro home could be the mansion of tomorrow

ZEM sustainable micro home_1

The rate at which global population is rising and the available land for building living spaces declining, a time could soon come when sustainably-built micro-homes could be the new mansions. Working on the same lines, architect and designer Jeffrey Greger along with engineers and designers at San Jose State University have come up with the ZEM – Zero Emission House, a sustainably built mini-home that delivers all the comforts of a modern home in much less space.


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