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5 zero emission rides powered by hydrogen fuel cells

bmw car

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future as it is friendly to the environment, unlike other fuel sources that emit harmful gases into the atmosphere to add to global warming. Thus, this clean green source of power is being utilized in some upcoming vehicles that run on hydrogen fuel cells. Check out some of these hydrogen-powered, zero-emission rides being introduced in the auto market. (more…)

Concept electric cars that can make a ‘green’ difference

BMW i8 Concept

There is a variety in concept electric cars that have been unveiled over a short time period. These are saving the environment in various ways and claim to make a green difference. Let us see some of these recently launched electric cars that would maintain a cleaner and greener environment. (more…)

Future Perfect: Zero emission cars powered by compressed air

cars powered by compressed air

There have been several car manufacturers looking to find some greener ways to replace their not-so environment friendly products. One such practice that you might soon get to notice commonly is the transition from gasoline-fueled cars to air-fueled cars. The petroleum sources are getting lowly depleted, and thus, there is a need to adopt alternative sources that could offer power to modern-day cars. Manufacturers are finding air to be a renewable and easily accessible source of energy. While air cannot be used alone to fuel a car, it can surely be compressed to drive the pistons powering the car. Let us check out more about this airy technology.


Coolest concept electric bikes for clean travel in the future


Well, gone are the days when bicycles were merely about pedaling and vilipending the distances to reach nearby places. Today, they are more about style, greater convenience and seamless traveling through the cumbersome challenges of traffic – and yes, we are very much including the avant garde electric bikes in our extolling form here! While bicycles are usually spotted with a ‘green’ heart for our surroundings, they unremittingly have transmogrified from good to better!


Sno-Trax enables Backcountry Transportation for skiers and snowboarders


Skiers and snowboarders who thought it’s almost impossible to have backcountry transportation may finally simmer down for a good reason that’s come their way. Well, a creative designer has just carved out ‘Sno-Trax’ – a small scale computer driven vehicle which aims at transporting skiers and snowboarders in backcountry locations.


AC e-bike combines Smartphone Connectivity and Electric Motor Power


Things have just gotten better – especially for users who were rifling through the power of an electric motor in the form of an aesthetic vehicle with some added features. Alex Casabo, a renowned Spanish designer, has just conceptualized a unique electric bicycle dubbed ‘AC e-bike’ which includes connectivity as well as electric power for an enriched experience. Designed with high performance and trendy elements in mind, the bicycle sports a sleek and lightweight profile of a fixed-gear bicycle.


Ultra-light, Multi-functional Toyota ME.WE debuts in Paris


Conceptualizing cars that signify aesthetic beauty yet reveal a heart for ‘green’ features couldn’t look any better than Toyota’s latest creation. Well, amidst the limelight that’s being hogged by China, Toyota has finally caught the right attention with its latest ultra-light ME.WE Concept Car – that beautifully strips the automobile down to its basic core.


Siva Cycle Atom charges your phone through pedal-powered battery pack


Let’s be fair and square – don’t you think things have literally transmogrified for better for users who had to struggle with charging their devices through bicycle-powered generators? Well although we have seen quite a number of efficiently designed bike-mounted products that help users charge their phone using pedal power, the latest addition to the league vows to differ. Aimed at exploring new possibilities for users who seek on-the-go charging solution, the new Siva Cycle Atom is quite a bit more compact and efficient than most pedal-powered generators in today’s existence.


Aston Martin unveils hydrogen-powered racer to compete in 24 hour challenge

Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S

Motor sports may allow a thrilling experience to both the rider as well as viewers, but it’s also a major source of the carbon emission and affects the environment adversely. Adding sustainability to motor sports, Aston Martin has come up with a hydrogen-powered racer to celebrate its centenary year.  Developed in association with hydrogen experts Alset Global, the hybrid car features a six-liter, V12 engine that runs on pure gaseous hydrogen, pure gasoline or a blend of both.


VOI electric scooter moves quickly in cramped urban roads

VOI electric scooter

Electric scooters may allow quick and sustainable commutation in cramped urban roads, but they are not viable in different weather conditions, especially rainy season. Providing a solution, final-year students from Germany’s Technische Universität Muenchen in collaboration with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University have come up with an electric scooter prototype dubbed the “VOI” that features an enclosed front compartment to protect the passenger in rain. Though, the driver in the back has to battle the extreme weather conditions.


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