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Want a bamboo bicycle? Bamboo Bee could deliver one soon

The use of bamboo in anything brings a smile on the face of most environmentalists and same is the case when a bicycle is made by not using steel but bamboo. We’ve see a couple of

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Solar and wind powered autorickshaw developed by engineering students in India

The prices of gasoline are highly volatile in India and while it doesn’t make much of a difference to the rich class, autorickshaws, which are the primary mode of private transportation

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Domino’s could soon start delivering your pizza in an all-electric NEV

Mississippi-based GreenTech Automotive has finally revealed details about its all-new neighborhood electric vehicle – the MyCar. The zero emission two seater, which was created by

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ES Pipe: Waterwheel harnesses the power of water flowing within

Considering the fact that majority of people in third world countries (especially African) are forced to live in dark due to unavailability or poor condition of electric power, need

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NANM+ Bike to promote urban farming communities for a greener tomorrow

With dwindling land and water resources sustainable urban farming becomes an utmost necessity. This is the reason for the adoption of technologies such as hydroponics and aeroponics

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