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ZA Architects unveil plans for an eco friendly prefabricated hotel

Dmitry Zhuikov from ZA Architects believes that prefabricated construction should not be limited to just homes and shops. The green construction practice, which helps reduce waste of

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Bruce Munro plans to light up Australia’s Uluru with solar powered lights

Bruce Munro, the famous artist who has already been involved in creating some of the most fantastic light installations around the world has not set his eyes upon the heart of the Australian

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Smart’s all-electric scooter to hit the streets in 2014

Smart’s all-electric scooter concept has been around for a couple of years, but till date there was no official news about the scooter ever making it onto the streets. Finally, the

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Transformative paint could make any surface work as a solar battery

Generating renewable solar energy by building large scale power plants is just one end of the problem, storing all that energy for overcast days or for use after dark is another problem.

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New Energy Technologies debuts technology to efficient develop ‘spray-on’ PV windows

Installing photovoltaic panels to provide precious renewable energy isn’t favored by everybody. While some people don’t really want to install photovoltaic panels on their rooftops,

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Creative mom uses old diaper boxes to make AT-AT Walker for her child

Whenever we talk about stuff made using recycled materials, it gets interesting to see what creative brains around the world figure out to be raw materials for something extraordinary.

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No-Mix Vacuum Toilet converts human waste into electricity, saves water

In a bid to save freshwater resources from contamination caused by human waste and also reduce freshwater consumption in toilets around the world, researchers from Nanyang Technological

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Korean design studio collects old cardboard to produce new furniture

Cardboard, the material which revolutionized the packaging industry by somehow managing to replace plastic and wooden casings, has been in the eyes of environmentalists considering

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