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Portable Verbandkammer container offers a modular space for creative artists

Artists or designers usually wish for a calm and collected space to help them visualize and produce innovative works without any disturbance. Designed to bring all the amenities under

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Amphibious bike becomes a raft to pedal boat on waterways

Riding an amphibious vehicle is always an adventure and fun, but their limited production and elevated cost make them “an unapproachable chalet high in the mountains” for normal

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Malaysian eco village features homes built from recycled materials

While the world today is striving for greener architecture and self-sustaining communities, Malaysian architecture firm IRIS Corporation is showing the way to do so. The architecture

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Trina Solar’s showroom to highlight the company’s products in a natural environment

Designers and architects at Burgeoning Studio and R/GA have collaborated to design the new showroom of Trina Solar, which has been conceptualized as an immersive environment by creating

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Solar powered OLED membrane could be the future of streetlights

Being always out in the open, solar energy is an ideal way to power streetlights. This is the reason we see designers regularly coming up with solar powered streetlights that don’t

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M-City: Distinctly designed building is adorned with green roofs

Conventionally towers are built upwards in a successive manner, so that the end result is a building that can withstand natural elements. However, newer technology being developed for

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WallArt’s new biodegradable 3D wall panels are made using sugarcane

WallArt has unveiled a new range for 3D wall panels especially for those eco conscious home owners who want each and everything inside their homes to be environmentally friendly. Designed

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Effizienhaus Plus green home generates surplus renewable energy

In a bit to explore just how efficient eco friendly housing can get, Robert Llewellyn has come up with the Effizienhaus Plus, an ultra-efficient experimental house that consumes a lot

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