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Chinese artist recycles oil drums into a metal dragon

Metal scrap is one of the largest hazardous wastes that pose serious threats to the environment worldwide, but there a few inspired souls that constantly strive to reuse or recycle

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New smart filter uses gravity to separate oil from water

While the environmental effects of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are still showing up, researchers at the University of Michigan have come up with an innovative way to separate oil from water using a

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Concept sun protector for Chevrolet cars generates energy too

Entering a car which has been parked in direct sunlight for a couple of hours is just as close to entering a furnace. The excess heat built up inside cars due to the solar heat that

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Between Air installation explores the relation between nature and technology

Designed as a part of the Spain Pavilion at the 2012 Architecture Biennale in Venice, Between Air, is an installation conceptualized by architects at the Spanish practice Selgascano.

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Liquid Robotics’ Alex solar powered robot to provide accurate hurricane predictions

Liquid Robotics’ newest innovation in the field of robotic wave gliders is a solar-powered robot named Alex, is swimming through the Atlantic Ocean off the cost of Puerto Rico, to

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World’s most famous eco tourism destinations for green travelers

There is no dearth of exciting travel destinations around the world, however environmentally friendly people always find it better to visit places that help them connect with nature

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Artist creates intricate sculptures from recycled books

There is no doubt that we throw away a lot of products each day, most of which add to the landfills or garbage dumps, while a few from the homes of eco conscious people make it to the

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RTI International develops low cost solar technology to speed up adoption

Currently, even after the steep rise in the cost of energy and the rise in carbon emissions resulting from the production of conventional electricity, solar energy represents less than

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