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DARPA biocompatible electronics dissolve harmlessly into the body

Growing heaps of electronic waste is one of the major issues that time and again raise the brows of environmentalists all over the world. Addressing the issue, researchers at Defense

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Neptune 1: Build and deploy wave energy generator promises low cost electricity

Researchers and scientists have for long anticipated the immense power of ocean waves, which if harnessed could provide renewable electricity at an affordable cost. However, most wave

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Spotlight Solar systems look more like sculptures

Usually designers pay little attention to the form of design of solar or photovoltaic panels and concentrate more on greener aspect to sustain the environment. Changing our perception

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Kymera’s electric powered body board nears commercial release

After working for 20 long months, Jason Woods, the man behind the innovative Kymera jet-powered body board has finally revealed details of the commercial version of the board, which

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SPACE concept urban bicycle features one-touch folding mechanism

With the rise in the cost of fossil fuels, which we use to power our vehicles, and the lack of ample parking space has been the driving factor behind most urban commuters using bicycles

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Villa Sera: A self-sustaining structure for a clean future

Out of the total amount of energy produced by power plants, a major chunk is used to in homes to power all modern appliances that we are so proud of. To help reduce the energy burden

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Sharp unveils see-through solar panels for skyscraper windows

With recent advancements in solar energy generating technology it has become possible to produce solar panels that are everything from flexible to transparent. For those of you who

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U.S. Navy working on tech to obtain jet fuel from seawater

With the rising costs of fuel coupled with dependence on hostile and unstable nations for fuel supplies when in the sea, scientists and engineers at the US Naval Research Laboratory

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