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Cardboard isn’t just for packaging: Most creative reuses of cardboard

Cardboard is often used just for packaging products before they reach the end consumers and once the product is delivered, the cardboard is simply thrown in the trash bin. However,

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Fiat’s iconic 500 subcompact gets an electric avatar at LA Auto Show

The wait is finally over and Fiat has impressed one and all at the LA Auto Show with an electric version of the highly popular Fiat 500. The Fiat 500e, is just as cute and appealing

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Concept folding electric bicycle uses your Smartphone to authorize the ride

Bike manufacturers have been trying hard to make bicycles a more modern way to commute in an eco friendly fashion by bestowing bikes with high-tech features and even Smartphone integration

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Turbines with fabric blades to reduce cost of wind power

Despite the ever increasing output and size of wind turbines, there has not been much innovation going on in the field of wind energy. Turbines are still of the same design and build

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Innovative device turns railway track vibrations into clean electricity

Scientists over the globe are trying hard to generate usable electricity from any possible source of energy including heat and vibrations. However, since mechanical energy is often

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AquaHarvest rainwater harvesting system reduces use of potable water

Out of the total water consumption of any average household, about a third is used for irrigation and gardening, something which isn’t in lines with the current environmental condition.

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The Goldfish Garden: Self-contained aquaponic aquarium cleans itself up

The Goldfish Garden is an innovative self-container aquaponic aquarium fish tank that doesn’t need to be cleaned every week like other aquariums which you might already be having.

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A4A Design unveils sustainable cardboard furniture for green homes and public spaces

Lately, we’ve been reporting about a lot of cardboard creations, including a cardboard bicycle, cardboard firearms and a cardboard wheelchair too. Being easy to recycle and reclaim

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