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NexiBike lightweight commuter bicycle folds in just 30 seconds

The major problem with bicycling is the fact that most of the bicycles available on the market today cannot be carried along in a bus or the subway, reducing their use as a primary

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NREL and Solar Junction develop world’s most efficient solar cells

Even after being promoted as the safest and the greenest way to produce renewable energy, solar cells haven’t really taken off considering the fact that most of them are either too

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Boeing’s SUGAR Volt aims to become the Chevy Volt of aircrafts

Aviation is by far the safest and the fastest way to travel, however conditions are not all that rosy when the environment and aviation are kept side by side. While there are still

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VA Concept is a zero energy sound amplifier for iPhone

There is no dearth of individuals who probably spend hundreds of dollars in buying energy hungry amplifiers for the iPhone. Not only do these docks consume a considerable amount of

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China becomes the world leader in wind and hydroelectric power

News recently surfaced that Uruguay is planning to become the world leader in wind energy generation by erecting enough turbines to produce 30 percent of its total energy consumption,

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The Tricycle House expands like an accordion, comes with transforming furniture

With land available for building new homes declining at an unanticipated pace, the price of the scarce land available is well beyond what most people can afford. To address this daunting

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Recycled oil drum survival kit can sustain 30 people for two days

After last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the recent devastation caused by hurricane Sandy, industrial designers have focused their attention on designing

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Uruguay could become the world leader in wind energy generation by 2015

Uruguay, the small South American country, which till date has been known mostly because its human population is outnumbered by its cattle herd, could soon be adorned with an environmentally

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