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E RX concept electric car comes with a removable range extending engine

Reduction in the levels of fossil fuel available to humanity, along with its rising cost, means that the only way forward is with the use of vehicles that run on alternative fuel. Recognizing

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Living Table intends to bring greenery into your living room

The decline of green spaces in an urban setting have made homeowners figure out ways to bring some plantations inside their home to provide some fresh air and herbs. This is the reason

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Artist creates steampunk collages by recycling computer parts

With computers getting evolved with every passing day, geeks are just finding a reason to discard their old machines to buy new ones. While this keeps them updated with the latest offerings

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The Voltmaker harnesses kinetic energy to give your gadgets a clean charge

Every gadget freak often has to face the issue when an all-important call has to be made and the cell phone batteries dies. Similar does the case with hikers and campers who often find

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Researchers harness nature to produce affordable hydrogen from water

The three main problems plaguing the global adoption of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the high cost of fuel cells, lack of refueling infrastructure and above all, the high cost of

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Air Products to create UK’s first hydrogen powered transport system

The race to develop next-gen eco friendly cars that run on clean and renewable hydrogen is definitely on. However, the lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure means that hydrogen

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Stanford University’s Start.Home will generate and conserve renewable energy

There is still a lot of time left for this year’s Solar Decathlon competition to begin, but news from university groups all over the world has already started pouring in. The most

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Sky Voyage personal air travel concept aims to reduce road traffic

There is no dearth of industrial and automotive designers who believe that the only way now possible to reduce congestion on highways is stop going by road and take on to the skies.

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