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Eco Bicycle Rental to reduce pollution and traffic jams from cities

City roads all over the world are cramped with motorized vehicles, which not only harms the environment but also results in massive traffic jams, bringing the urban spaces to a standstill.

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XSOL portable solar generator powers your gadgets with green energy

Power cuts are a very common phenomenon in most of the developing and underdeveloped nations. Addressing the issue Japanese solar company XSOL has come up with a portable solar-powered

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Innovative battery stretches three times its original size, can power stretchable electronics

One of the reasons we don’t get to use electronics that can bend and stretch according to the need is because batteries that can power such devices should be stretchable too. While

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Chinese couple transforms an abandoned bus into solar powered home

This solar powered home, built inside an abandoned bus, best illustrates the proverb – necessity is the mother of invention.  Offering shelter to a retired solider, surnamed Zhang,

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Stamp House offers a carbon neutral building solution

Located in the FNQ beachfront rain forest in Queensland, Australia, the Stamp House from Charles Wright Architects is a sustainable project that offers a carbon neutral building solution

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I-Flower I-MU allows you to grow plants while listening to music

While music and gardening have nothing much in common, there is no dearth of designers who believe that listening to good music could allow you to become a gardener as well. Designer

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Startup envisions transparent energy generating coating to power tablet computers

The idea of transparent solar cells is nothing new and researchers have long tried to build similar technologies to allow everything from the window of your home to the windscreen of

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Boeing’s Phantom Eye UAV completes second flight, goes longer and higher

Boeing thinks that it’s Phantom Eye, an environmentally friendly UAV, which is propelled by liquid hydrogen, has some pretty well defined applications, for which it has to be able

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