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How to make bathrooms green

eco friendly bathroom

There was a time when being green meant you were some kind of live in a field hippy, not something that the everyday home owner got themselves involved in. Then it started to become increasingly apparent that our world was suffering because of our actions on a global scale. Nowadays we are all aware and recycle our rubbish, install solar panels, buy natural or organic products when we can or just try to conserve what we one day may not have. This article only concentrates on making small changes to your bathroom to make it more green – and no I don’t mean giving it a lick of meadow tint pastel.


Sno-Trax enables Backcountry Transportation for skiers and snowboarders


Skiers and snowboarders who thought it’s almost impossible to have backcountry transportation may finally simmer down for a good reason that’s come their way. Well, a creative designer has just carved out ‘Sno-Trax’ – a small scale computer driven vehicle which aims at transporting skiers and snowboarders in backcountry locations.


AC e-bike combines Smartphone Connectivity and Electric Motor Power


Things have just gotten better – especially for users who were rifling through the power of an electric motor in the form of an aesthetic vehicle with some added features. Alex Casabo, a renowned Spanish designer, has just conceptualized a unique electric bicycle dubbed ‘AC e-bike’ which includes connectivity as well as electric power for an enriched experience. Designed with high performance and trendy elements in mind, the bicycle sports a sleek and lightweight profile of a fixed-gear bicycle.


Garden Shelter-Eco Bar is very unique


When an aesthetically designed structure gets amalgamated with irrigational facilities, all you get is a unique Garden Shelter-Eco Bar which focuses largely on maintaining green environment without consuming too much of any space. Designed creatively to portray a blend of nature and usability, the garden shelter strives at transforming the way people interact with their gardens.


Scotland opens first ‘Solar Meadow’ to decrease carbon emissions

Scotland’s first ever solar meadow opens

Irrespective of what we speak about – the endeavors put forth by today’s avant garde automobiles or the ‘light’ features that are encouraged by today’s high-end gadgets, the exigency of ‘go green’ is rightly reflected by both of them. In a similar objective to ensure environmental sustainability, Scotland has now officially opened its first ‘Solar Meadow’ to decrease carbon emissions by 300,000 kg per year.


Ultra-light, Multi-functional Toyota ME.WE debuts in Paris


Conceptualizing cars that signify aesthetic beauty yet reveal a heart for ‘green’ features couldn’t look any better than Toyota’s latest creation. Well, amidst the limelight that’s being hogged by China, Toyota has finally caught the right attention with its latest ultra-light ME.WE Concept Car – that beautifully strips the automobile down to its basic core.


Nasa-Inspired Filter can turn Coca Cola into Water


Ok, this might sound too good to be true – particularly to those who would love to reap the benefits of fresh water by drinking coca cola. Sounds so not usual, doesn’t it? Well, to actually catch unawares, OKO has recently developed a highly unique yet advanced filtration system which grabs attention for amazingly turning coca cola into water. Like really?


New HCPVT Solar System generates electricity, cleans water too


It may sound avant-garde but amalgamating the benefits of photovoltaic solar systems and thermal power systems into one form factor seems more of a possibility now. Pretty interestingly, researchers in Switzerland have started developing a highly efficient parabolic solar dish which will not only generate electricity power, but will also desalinate water for good.


Los Angeles to close out Coal Usage by 2025


The divergence and conflict between cost and the environment has unremittingly been soaring high. While most countries are endeavouring to sustain an ecological balance through non-polluting resources and ‘green’ approaches, Los Angeles has thought of a different medium to accomplish an environmental balance. In a major step toward its struggle to generate power with no compromise on the environment sustainability, the country has now decided to end its use of coal energy by the year 2025.


Siva Cycle Atom charges your phone through pedal-powered battery pack


Let’s be fair and square – don’t you think things have literally transmogrified for better for users who had to struggle with charging their devices through bicycle-powered generators? Well although we have seen quite a number of efficiently designed bike-mounted products that help users charge their phone using pedal power, the latest addition to the league vows to differ. Aimed at exploring new possibilities for users who seek on-the-go charging solution, the new Siva Cycle Atom is quite a bit more compact and efficient than most pedal-powered generators in today’s existence.


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