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How to make bathrooms green

There was a time when being green meant you were some kind of live in a field hippy, not something that the everyday home owner got themselves involved in. Then it started to become

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Sno-Trax enables Backcountry Transportation for skiers and snowboarders

Skiers and snowboarders who thought it’s almost impossible to have backcountry transportation may finally simmer down for a good reason that’s come their way. Well, a creative designer

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AC e-bike combines Smartphone Connectivity and Electric Motor Power

Things have just gotten better – especially for users who were rifling through the power of an electric motor in the form of an aesthetic vehicle with some added features. Alex Casabo,

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Garden Shelter-Eco Bar is very unique

When an aesthetically designed structure gets amalgamated with irrigational facilities, all you get is a unique Garden Shelter-Eco Bar which focuses largely on maintaining green environment

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Scotland opens first ‘Solar Meadow’ to decrease carbon emissions

Irrespective of what we speak about – the endeavors put forth by today’s avant garde automobiles or the ‘light’ features that are encouraged by today’s high-end gadgets, the

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Ultra-light, Multi-functional Toyota ME.WE debuts in Paris

Conceptualizing cars that signify aesthetic beauty yet reveal a heart for ‘green’ features couldn’t look any better than Toyota’s latest creation. Well, amidst the limelight

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Nasa-Inspired Filter can turn Coca Cola into Water

Ok, this might sound too good to be true – particularly to those who would love to reap the benefits of fresh water by drinking coca cola. Sounds so not usual, doesn’t it? Well,

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New HCPVT Solar System generates electricity, cleans water too

It may sound avant-garde but amalgamating the benefits of photovoltaic solar systems and thermal power systems into one form factor seems more of a possibility now. Pretty interestingly,

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