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Most environmentally friendly disaster relief shelters

The buBbLe House

Due to several kinds of global disasters, so many people get homeless. They keep on wandering for months without any sufficiently livable shelter. There are thousands of tsunami, hurricane and earthquake disaster victims who are just left stranded. There are very few who are lucky to get a temporary housing unit. But, most of the governments across the world have not been able to house displaced people as they were unprepared to deal with disasters.


Concept electric cars that can make a ‘green’ difference

BMW i8 Concept

There is a variety in concept electric cars that have been unveiled over a short time period. These are saving the environment in various ways and claim to make a green difference. Let us see some of these recently launched electric cars that would maintain a cleaner and greener environment. (more…)

The Solar Vineyard House to woo wine lovers in a sustainable manner

Solar Vineyard House_09

The Solar Vineyard House by Michael Jantzen is a conceptual proposal for a house designed especially for wine lovers in the temperate climate of California. The 5000 square foot structure incorporates a small wine making facility, and it would be built in the middle of its own private vineyard. The house would be partially powered by four large curved solar panels that are integrated into the south side of the structure. The house also incorporates natural ventilation and the interior is shaded with large overhangs that extend over all of the glass windows and doors.


Future Perfect: Zero emission cars powered by compressed air

cars powered by compressed air

There have been several car manufacturers looking to find some greener ways to replace their not-so environment friendly products. One such practice that you might soon get to notice commonly is the transition from gasoline-fueled cars to air-fueled cars. The petroleum sources are getting lowly depleted, and thus, there is a need to adopt alternative sources that could offer power to modern-day cars. Manufacturers are finding air to be a renewable and easily accessible source of energy. While air cannot be used alone to fuel a car, it can surely be compressed to drive the pistons powering the car. Let us check out more about this airy technology.


The good, the bad and the ugly about nuclear power

nuclear power

Nuclear energy is probably the world’s largest source of energy that is emission-free. But, there still are various pros and cons that experts have suggested for this form of energy. Those who are advocates of nuclear energy or are against its usage are equally curious to know about these facts in order to make an informed decision about nuclear energy use.


Everything you need to know about geothermal energy

geothermal energy

Geothermal energy originates from the earth when it gets heated due to the hot rocks present under it or due to the fission of radioactive materials present inside its core. Some places inside the earth get extremely hot and are thus called hot spots. These hot spots cause water to form steam that gets pressurized to come out of the earth in the form of hot springs, and this generated energy is known as geothermal power.


Green Energy Options introduces Chorus PV Monitoring Device


No matter hard we gainsay but lamping or observing the consumption of electricity in everyday use is something that most of us tend to overlook. Although there’s a slew of energy tracking systems that help get an eyeful of which appliance consumes electricity at its largest, complete efficacy and precision are certain attributes that most of them would lack. Hence, to help users deal with that, Green Energy Options has just unveiled its latest Chorus PV monitoring device which will enable homeowners with PV panels to see both generation and consumption levels of electricity. Great, isn’t it?


Four-block Concept ‘The Tree of Life’ chosen for World Expo 2015, Milan


It isn’t unusual when innovative thinkers generally stay swamped with designing unique concept for wider future possibilities and advanced mechanism. While we have caught quite a lot of glimpses of interesting concepts, the one by Nemesi & Partners Srl, Proger SpA and BMS Progetti Srl thoroughly stands distinguished. As part of eco-friendly projects, the team led by Nemesi & Partners Srl, Proger SpA and BMS Progetti Srl has now designed a unique Four-block ‘The Tree of Life’ Concept – which is already chosen for an international competition for the design of the Padiglione Italia at Expo 2015.


Air Drop Concept filters the air using living plants


Oh yes, we’ve seen quite a number of aesthetically designed planters that beautify the surroundings in nothing else but a greener way. But, we have not really seen anything that sanitizes the air while being firmly seated in an intriguing looking chassis. Well, the new Air Drop Concept by Jillian Tackaberry precisely represents such an amazing amalgamation of air filtration and pretty looks.


New MIT Floating Energy Storage looks promising for Offshore Wind


As true as it could get, renewable energy sources generally tend to get adversely affected due to the intermittent nature of wind and solar power generation. While offshore wind could render sufficient electricity, the intermittency caused by solar energy induces unpredictability as well as mammoth inconvenience. To help solve the intermittency problems of offshore wind, researchers at MIT have recently conceptualized a new approach that could mitigate the problems by rendering floating wind energy storage technology.


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