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Battery equipped portable solar charger is perfect for camping enthusiasts

Check any online electronics store and you will surely get a wide variety of solar chargers promising to charge everything to a cellphone to a laptop. Portable solar chargers have seen a lot of development from solar chargers that didn’t have any onboard battery or chargers that took a lot of hours, sometimes even days, to recharge their onboard batteries. Innovating once more for the sake of the environment, Powertraveller has come up with another solar charger – the Solarmonkey Adventurer.


Office desk that makes the deskbound generate renewable energy

The race to generate renewable energy doesn’t just end on wind turbines and solar power. Inventors plan to make use of every possible energy source to create some useful watts. We recently reported about upcoming technologies that can help generate clean renewable energy while you just walk around. However, human nature is above all things lazy and for lazy, deskbound people, Swedish designer Eddi Törnberg has created an office desk, enabling them to contribute to the green movement.


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