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Concept Gorilla Yacht features onboard gardens and a hybrid fuel cell engine

Taking inspiration by an atrium house, designer Johann Szebeni has come up with an environmentally friendly yacht, dubbed the Gorilla Yacht. The 73-meter-long concept yacht has two

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Setra Evocean concept trimaran sailing yacht is powered by clean energy

The brainchild of industrial designer Daniel Ruppert, the Setra Evocean is a concept trimaran that aims to provide luxury tours without emitting a single ounce of harmful CO2 when on

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Talas luxury hyperyacht sails clean on hydrogen and sunshine

Luxury superyachts come with all types of modern amenities and are built like floating palaces, where visitors often forget that they’re on the waves. Moreover, these yachts are made

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Solar and wind powered concept mega yacht could be the greenest in the world

While you may feel close to nature and the marine ecosystem while on your next yacht cruise, most environment conscious people will still know that their yacht is polluting the delicate

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