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Son-X Octavia solar powered device applauds kids who play on swings

Another entry into the already flooded market of solar powered gadgets is the Son-X Octavia. The device intends to make your kids play the old fashion way on swings, rather than playing

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When Florida disappears – Floating architecture for a submerged world

We all know that global warming is real and the day is not far away when it will cause the polar icecaps to meltdown and will result in many low lying coastal areas to get submerged

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Sun & Cloud: World’s first self-powered digital camera takes on retro photography

While there is no dearth of innovative digital cameras on the market featuring tens of megapixels sensors, there are still a few individuals who love those retro handheld cameras, which

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Nomad eco-friendly espresso machines needs no electricity

While brewing a perfect cup of espresso is nothing less than an art, which only a few can master, there is no denying that espresso is just as good as the machine you’re using to

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Eco Lamp made from recycled cardboard is a perfect addition for green homes

With homeowners getting more conscious about the furniture and decorative items they place in their environmentally friendly homes, designers too have started creating environmentally

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Kenyan teenager designs solar-powered light to protect family’s cattle

While in the developed world predators such as lions don’t usually roam in the neighborhood, conditions in Kenya are just the opposite with most of the land being just wild savanna.

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Startup envisions transparent energy generating coating to power tablet computers

The idea of transparent solar cells is nothing new and researchers have long tried to build similar technologies to allow everything from the window of your home to the windscreen of

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Concept device aims to produce electricity from heat wasted by fluorescent tubes

One of the biggest reasons incandescent bulbs aren’t that efficient in converting electricity to lighting is that they waste a lot of the energy they consume as heat. While modern

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