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When Florida disappears – Floating architecture for a submerged world

floating island

We all know that global warming is real and the day is not far away when it will cause the polar icecaps to meltdown and will result in many low lying coastal areas to get submerged in seawater. The latest studies revealed that the meltdown of a small portion of glaciers around the world has already caused the sea level to go up a little bit and if this meltdown continues at the present rate, then many cities will have a very bleak future. (more…)

Sun & Cloud: World’s first self-powered digital camera takes on retro photography

Sun & Cloud self-powered digital camera_1

While there is no dearth of innovative digital cameras on the market featuring tens of megapixels sensors, there are still a few individuals who love those retro handheld cameras, which we so adored back in the 1980s. Superheadz Japan has come up with an innovative camera, dubbed the Sun & Cloud, which is they claim is the world’s first “self-generation” digital camera capable of shooting both videos and still images.


Nomad eco-friendly espresso machines needs no electricity

Nomad portable espresso machine_1

While brewing a perfect cup of espresso is nothing less than an art, which only a few can master, there is no denying that espresso is just as good as the machine you’re using to make it. Conventional espresso machines require training and above all a large amount of electricity too to make the prefect cup of espresso. Solving all these problems UniTerra has come up with a revolutionary portable espresso machine, dubbed Nomad, which doesn’t require any electricity to operate.


Eco Lamp made from recycled cardboard is a perfect addition for green homes

Eco Lamp made using cardboard_1

With homeowners getting more conscious about the furniture and decorative items they place in their environmentally friendly homes, designers too have started creating environmentally friendly home décor items for such green homes. One such designer is Karina Sidorova of Karina Design, who has come up with an eco-friendly lamp that is made using cardboard.


Kenyan teenager designs solar-powered light to protect family’s cattle

solar powered lion lights

While in the developed world predators such as lions don’t usually roam in the neighborhood, conditions in Kenya are just the opposite with most of the land being just wild savanna. This is the reason behind the constant conflicts between the residents and wild animals, which get past fences for cattle. To protect their most valuable asset, which is cattle, Kenyan ranchers had to patrol the grounds with a flashlight, something which is expected doesn’t do much good.


Startup envisions transparent energy generating coating to power tablet computers

tablet computer

The idea of transparent solar cells is nothing new and researchers have long tried to build similar technologies to allow everything from the window of your home to the windscreen of your car to produce renewable solar energy. However, the concern is that these “transparent” solar cells are actually translucent and hence cannot be used to power portable mobile devices such as tablet computers. A Cambridge-based startup, Ubiquitous Energy, says that it might finally be possible to coat tablet computers with an entirely transparent coating that doesn’t make the display look dull.


Concept device aims to produce electricity from heat wasted by fluorescent tubes

Heat electricity conversion storage device concept_1

One of the biggest reasons incandescent bulbs aren’t that efficient in converting electricity to lighting is that they waste a lot of the energy they consume as heat. While modern lighting devices such as CFLs and LEDs reduce that heat waste and emit more light using less energy, fluorescent tubes, which are still one of the most widely used form of lighting, release a considerable amount of heat, which is simply wasted.


Amber concept Bluetooth speaker harnesses solar power for sustainability

Amber solar powered eco friendly speakers_1

Though portable electronic devices like smartphones and Bluetooth speakers don’t consume much energy, the total number of these devices being used in a developed city, puts a burden on the grid. As an answer to this problem, industrial designers have often come up with gadgets that rely on renewable solar energy. Working on the same lines industrial designer Jeabyun Yeon has come up with Amber – a concept Bluetooth speaker system that makes use of Kyosemi Corporation’s innovative Sphelar solar technology.


Australia’s ‘Most Cheated On’ electricity user to marry a solar panel on Valentine’s Day

solar marriage valentine's day Greg Evans

We all know that solar energy will definitely play a bigger role in the future to provide energy security without harmful emissions. However, Australian television presenter, Greg Evans, is trying to encourage masses to adopt solar panels, by a bizarre Valentine’s Day promotion for solar energy that will see somebody marry a 2kW solar power system developed by Energy Matters. The wedding ceremony will be performed by Evans at Melbourne’s Federation Square on February 14.


Wysips to showcase solar powered smartphone at Mobile World Congress

Solar powered smartphone at MWC

Wysips (What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface), the French company which has developed a unique invisible photovoltaic surface that can transform any surface into an energy generating one, has announced that the company will launch an environmentally friendly smartphone at this year’s Mobile World Congress that always remains charged.


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