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How to use solar power to heat your home


Using solar energy can lower down your home energy bills to a great extent. In addition, your house will remain free of harmful gases and pollutants that various equipment running on fuels produce. Solar energy can easily be converted to electricity and heat, and can replace your regular gas and electricity sources. There are several ways you may utilize solar power to heat up your home.


Most environmentally friendly disaster relief shelters

The buBbLe House

Due to several kinds of global disasters, so many people get homeless. They keep on wandering for months without any sufficiently livable shelter. There are thousands of tsunami, hurricane and earthquake disaster victims who are just left stranded. There are very few who are lucky to get a temporary housing unit. But, most of the governments across the world have not been able to house displaced people as they were unprepared to deal with disasters.


Concept electric cars that can make a ‘green’ difference

BMW i8 Concept

There is a variety in concept electric cars that have been unveiled over a short time period. These are saving the environment in various ways and claim to make a green difference. Let us see some of these recently launched electric cars that would maintain a cleaner and greener environment. (more…)

The good, the bad and the ugly about nuclear power

nuclear power

Nuclear energy is probably the world’s largest source of energy that is emission-free. But, there still are various pros and cons that experts have suggested for this form of energy. Those who are advocates of nuclear energy or are against its usage are equally curious to know about these facts in order to make an informed decision about nuclear energy use.


Everything you need to know about geothermal energy

geothermal energy

Geothermal energy originates from the earth when it gets heated due to the hot rocks present under it or due to the fission of radioactive materials present inside its core. Some places inside the earth get extremely hot and are thus called hot spots. These hot spots cause water to form steam that gets pressurized to come out of the earth in the form of hot springs, and this generated energy is known as geothermal power.


Coolest concept electric bikes for clean travel in the future


Well, gone are the days when bicycles were merely about pedaling and vilipending the distances to reach nearby places. Today, they are more about style, greater convenience and seamless traveling through the cumbersome challenges of traffic – and yes, we are very much including the avant garde electric bikes in our extolling form here! While bicycles are usually spotted with a ‘green’ heart for our surroundings, they unremittingly have transmogrified from good to better!


Mo Ventus by FIXd Architecture is a transformable, zero energy house for the future

Mo Ventus self-powered house of the future_1

With changing environmental conditions, architecture too will have to go through a major transformation to sustain humanity in a world where energy doesn’t come cheap. Working on the same lines architects from FIXd Architecture have come up with Mo Ventus – a conceptual luxury house with transformable shape and zero energy credentials that can be built anywhere in the world.


Purdue Solar Racing unveils solar-powered Navitas for 2013 Shell Eco-Marathon

Purdue Solar Racing Navitas Solar powered car for Shell Eco Marathon 2013_1

With the start of the 2013 Shell Eco-Marathon just a couple of weeks away, Purdue Solar Racing team has unveiled its next-gen solar-powered vehicle – Navitas, which will be competing with hundreds of other vehicles registered to participate in the event. The racing event, which is a lot different than conventional car racing we all are accustomed to, will rate cars for the best energy efficiency.


Cardboard isn’t just for packaging: Most creative reuses of cardboard

Cardboard is often used just for packaging products before they reach the end consumers and once the product is delivered, the cardboard is simply thrown in the trash bin. However, there are some who know the true value of this neglected packaging material and use it to make products and more that not many would really imagine. Here are some of the most creative reuses of recyclable cardboard, giving it a whole new life and a new meaning.


Most endangered trees on Earth asking for your kind attention

Whenever environmentalists say that a species is endangered, most people think that the conversation is heading towards tigers or other animals that are facing the threat of extinction. However, just like some animal species, there are certain species of trees that too could be a thing of the past if immediate action is not taken to protect them. Here are some of the most beautiful trees, which are on the endangered list and hence need your help.


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