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Restored Development: Eco friendly residential community for Clemson University

restored develpoment residential community_1

A recent survey conducted at Clemson University showed that one of the top reasons for both professors and students to choose Clemson is the lush green campus of the university, which has been built in accordance with the university’s president’s statement – “campus as a garden”. With lush green gardens only stopping at the start of a building, the eco friendly campus is the university’s pride.  With the university planning to build a new residential community on the Douthit Hills area of the campus, architect Jared Moore of JM Design is proposing an eco friendly design that will create – “building as a landscape”.


UpLIFT: Tiny prefabricated homes stuffed into elevated parking spaces

Living space doesn’t come cheap in NYC and this is the reason the city’s residents live in shared accommodation. In an effort to make eco friendly living space available to the residents of New York City, designers Lawrence Zeroth, Jack Philips, Brian Schulman and Eugene Lubomir have come up with the “UpLIFT”, a proposal to transform the city’s empty elevated parking spaces into a mesh of prefabricated tiny homes.


Mini House 2.0 eco friendly modern prefab can run on solar power

Designed by Swedish architect Jason Wagell along with designers at Sommarnojen, the Mini House 2.0 is the successor of Mini House – a modern prefabricated home that can serve as a portable house, a weekend retreat or even a small guesthouse. Designed similar to a backyard shed, the Mini House 2.0 comes with a plethora of eco friendly credentials, which range from the choice of materials to the ability to run completely off-the-grid.


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