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Cardboard bicycle helmet claims to be three times safer than the conventional

Cardboard, a material that for decades held no importance than just its use in creating affordable packaging, has recently gained a lot of attention owning to its strength and eco credentials after its use in some of the most innovative products. We recently reported about some of the best products made using cardboard and we today have another entry to the ever growing list that comes in the form of Kranium – a bicycle helmet made using corrugated cardboard.


Cellulose: Eco friendly offices made using recycled cardboard

It seems designers have started taking cardboard recycling a lot more seriously, this is the reason we frequently report about projects made using the same material. Just recently we saw the cardboard restaurant in Japan and an Israeli inventor testing the durability of cardboard by using it to make one of the cheapest bikes in the world. Today we have Cellulose, a set of honeycomb offices made using cardboard.


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