Young Irish woman discovered two types of cancer while thinking she was pregnant

Mia Mackin, 23, a resident of Belfast, Northern Ireland, was surprised as she thought she was pregnant. The young woman, who believed she was carrying a baby, actually discovered that she suffered from two types of cancer: stage two Hodgkin’s lymphoma and stage two thyroid cancer.

According to ‘Mirror’, Mia made the discovery after performing routine tests requested by the company she worked for in 2019. “In October, I went to the hospital on a whim after a health exam at work showed that my resting heart rate was much taller than normal. I was 95% sure I was pregnant. The health exam at work was the last straw”, she revealed.

Mackin’s exams showed a large shadow around his heart. At first, doctors believed it was an infection, but further screening identified both types of cancer. “After they confirmed it was cancer through a biopsy, they sent me for a PET scan, a thirty-minute scan that scans your entire body for disease. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with two different types of cancer, thyroid cancer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was at this point that I knew death was something I needed to resolve. In fact, if I hadn’t gone to the hospital that day, with the cancer closing in on my heart and lungs, I would probably have died of a heart attack,” she said.

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