Global E-liquid Market Share, Size 2021 By Industry Future Demand, Global Research, Competitive Analysis , Developing Trends, Region Forecast To 2027

Global E-liquid Market

A new report by Qualiket Research with the title E-liquid Market 2021 by Key Countries, Companies, E-liquid Market contains a detailed study of market size, market share, and market dynamics which are covered in this report. The report is an illustrative sample demonstrating E-liquid Market trends, product category type, and market status. The report will help you understand the various applications of the usage & features of the product. It comprises the present & past market scenarios, market development patterns, and is likely to proceed with a continuing development during the assessment period.

The report on E-liquid Market assist businesses & other stakeholders in effectively tackling the current and upcoming challenges in this vertical, by suggesting various approaches which can guarantee profitability throughout the assessment period. Besides, it presents all other important aspects like predominant trends, key driving forces, and opportunities which are governing the industry performance.

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E-liquid is also known as e-juice or vape juice which is used to fill e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers. These products are composed of propylene glycol, nicotine, vegetable glycerine, and flavouring agents. For refreshments, several flavours are used in e-liquid, containing mint & menthol, chocolate, fruits, etc. E- Liquid is gaining popularity, due to its tobacco-free formulation & it is also popular due to various flavours including bubble gum, candy cane, and cotton candy available in the market.

The increase in adoption of safer alternatives to smoking across the world is expected to boost the demand for e-cigarettes during this forecast period. Also, the availability of e-liquids in several flavours like menthol, chocolate, tobacco, fruit & nuts is expected to encourage the usage of e-liquids. The rise in awareness among individuals, along with the availability of e-liquids with low level of toxicants will positively influence the market growth.

E-liquids also provide a price advantage over tobacco products & they are available in various price ranges will contribute the target market growth. The growing prices of traditional cigarettes have further drive the demand for e-liquids & e-cigarettes across the globe. Technically advanced e-cigarettes gaining traction in the market, thus accelerate the demand for various e-liquids to enhance the vaping experience.

Market Key Players Analysis

Various key players are listed in this report such as  VMR Flavors LLC,  ZampleBox, LLC, VistaVapors, Inc.,  Mig Vapor LLC,  VaporFi, Inc., Black Note, Virgin Vapor, eLiquid Factory, Crystal Canyon Vapes LLC, Breazy, Highbrow Vapor, etc.

Market Taxonomy

By Flavors

  • Mint & Menthol
  • Dessert
  • Fruits & Nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Others

By Distribution Channel

  • Online
  • Resellers
  • Online Websites
  • Retail

By Base Type

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • PG & VG

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

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